Type 1 Pilot Action:

Goal: Poly dimethylsiloxanes (PDMS) is an active component used for pills to treat the digestive tract. Measuring the PDMS concentration is of key importance for the process control and quality assurance. Vibrational methods shall be tested to reduce the efforts of instrumental analysis techniques.

Approach: PDMS was extracted from the tablets by grinding the de-coated pills followed by several extraction steps. Afterwards the powder was dissolved in toluene solution. For analysis purpose two sets of samples were produced in that way with known different PDMS concentration. The samples were analysed as provided using Raman spectroscopy and FT-IR transmission spectroscopy. Toluene was used as background reference.

Results: Both methods showed that PDMS could be measured on top of the toluene background. The area around the peak at 1260cm-1 proved to show the best position for evaluation of the PDMS concentration. Mid-IR spectroscopy proved analytically more suitable than Raman spectroscopy, even though an additional preparation step before the actual measurement was necessary.

Involved Partners: CTR/SAL