HIRSCH 2nd story

Type 1 Pilot Action:
Hirsch AG – Fibre length analysis of leather samples

Goal: Hirsch AG is a manufacturer of leather bracelets and strives to replace one part of their wristwatch bracelets material (currently leather fibres) with a biological one. The characterization of the current material is essential to develop a replacement. The fibre length is to be determined here.

Approach: A sample set was made available in which the leather fibres are visible in bundles. Small bundles were separated, and high-resolution images were recorded using dark field microscopy. Since it was not possible to lay the fibres in a straight line, a MATLAB script was developed that analyses the images. A region of interest and user-specific evaluation parameters can be specified to determine the fibre length.

Results: A series of images of different fibres were recorded and analysed using the MATLAB script. After several iterations of the analysis parameters, the fibre length could be determined. Regardless of the shape of the fibre bundle, the average leather fibre had a length of approx. 1400 µm.



Company Statement: The results of the fibre length analysis were transmitted to Katrin Berger (Hirsch), the measured value corresponds to her expectations.

Involved Partners: CTR/SAL, PCCL