HIRSCH 1st story

Type 1 Pilot Action:
HIRSCH Armbänder GmbH – Analysis – Consisency of a new leather fibre combination with selected biopolymers

Goal: Constant leather quality is a prerequisite for the use of leather fibres in combination with the selected biopolymer. Fluctuations in the leather properties can lead to changes in the material compound and thus influence the production of the tape cores. A characterisation of the leather fibres is therefore indispensable.

Approach: In order to assess the quality of the leather fibres, a basic characterisation of the material is sought. The results will also serve as a reference for the future production of composites. The desired measurements/trials:

Material Information (IR), thermal stability (DSC) for the design of the processing parameters, fiber length and length distribution.

Results: Material parameter of leather fibres were measured to give information for further material decisions in the development of a new arm wristband filling material. In terms of thermal and chemical characterisation a DSC and FTIR was carried out. It was shown that the material is sufficiently thermal stable and the FTIR is comparable to the spectra of gelatine and show no major impurity. Further optical investigation were done by SAL descripted in a separate report.

Involved Partners: PCCL, CTR/SAL