Type 1 Pilot Action:
KIOTO Photovoltaics GmbH, PV-Encapsulation Material Analysis

Goal: KIOTO faces problems concerning the homogeneity of their encapsulation material after the lamination procedure of their photovoltaic modules on the secondary laminator. In order to ensure the production of reliable modules, the reason for these inhomogeneities shall be determined.

Approach: Different samples were prepared at the laminator at KIOTO. Afterwards quality of the manufactured samples was determined by identification of the degree of crosslinking of the encapsulant material. Applied methods were Raman spectroscopy, DSC and the conventionally used standard method, the Soxhlet extraction process. Additionally, spatial differences of the crosslinking factor along the samples were determined.

Results: Determination of the degree of crosslinking of the samples at different laminator positions indicated a problem at the front part of the laminator. These results were confirmed by thermal analysis measurements. A malfunctioning heating plate could be identified and replaced. Measurements afterwards showed a sufficiently high degree of crosslinking for all laminator positions.


Involved Partners: CTR/SAL, PCCL