Upcoming events

“RETINA Austrian Infoevent & B2B Meeting” (Leoben, Austria, 19.09.2018 at 9:30 AM)

Organized by: MUL, PCCL and PTP

Place: Seminar Room at the PCCL branch offices, Volksbank Building, Sauraugasse 1 (ground floor), 8700 Leoben, Austria

Information and contact: 

DI Renate Reumüller T: +43 3842 4028405; e-mail: renate.reumueller@unileoben.ac.at
Katja Pregelj T: +386 (0)5 393 24 50; e-mail: Katja.Pregelj@primorski-tp.si

Attendance fee: The event is free of charge.

Registration: via e-mail to Retina@unileoben.ac.at (latest by 14th of September, 2018)

Programme details: click HERE

Details: The focus of the Retina project is to give companies and researchers access to transnational research and research infrastructure in the fields of material development, material- and surface characterization.

Within the scope of this event you will receive information regarding access to the network RETINA, as well as the possibility of exploring cooperation possibilities within the research network of RETINA by means of B2B discussions with the research partners. Participation in activities in the project is free of charge.

If you are interested in a B2B meeting with researchers from a specific partner institution (PCCL, CTR, TU Graz, KI, UNG), please let us know in advance or when registering. Further meetings with  researchers of the project can also be arranged on the day of the event.

We would be very pleased to welcome you at our “RETINA Infoevent” in Leoben.


Workshop on Industrial Liaison & Technology Transfer in RIs (Vienna, Austria, 26.09.2018-28.09.2018)


Organized by: CERIC-ERIC


Details of the Workshop