Research opportunities in the RETINA network

RETINA is a network project of established research institutes from the border region Austria – Slovenia in the field of materials science. This project provides small, medium and large border businesses an easy access to this research network.

A brief overview of the research opportunities available in the RETINA network can be found below:

The main focus of the investigation is material characterization, which includes both inorganic materials and polymeric materials (plastics).

Some examples of examination possibilities:

– Optical characterization of surfaces in a high resolution

– Analysis of microstructures up to nanostructures

– Characterization of thin films (non-conductive, semi conductive and conductive)

– Investigation of electronic and structural properties of materials

– Physical and chemical analysis of materials (e.g. material composition)

– Investigation of three-dimensional structures

– Characterization of polymeric materials under different types of stress (tensile, compressive and bending) and shapes (static, monotonous, cyclic)

– Mechanical investigations of thin layers

– thermomechanical investigations (e.g. expansion behavior under the influence of heat)

– investigations of thermal properties (e.g. thermal conductivity of plastics)

– Investigation of material stability and aging processes


Examples of measurement and characterization techniques available within RETINA:

– Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDX)

– X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)

– Raman microscopy

– Infrared Spectroscopy

– NMR spectroscopy

– Tribometrie

– Dynamic mechanical tests (DMA)

– nanoindentation

– Micro System Analyzer

– Surface Profiler

– SAXS small angle x-ray scattering (Synchrotron ELETTRA)

– DXRL-Deep x-ray lithography (Synchrotron ELETTRA)


Full list of measuring methods and more detailed technical details can be found on “Infrastructure“.